The Art Hustlers’ Studio

About The Podcast

The podcast that combines art and business to inspire creators to make a living off their art. Join Amy Tom while she chats with different artists about their creative passions. Each week, dive into how the artist turned their hobby into a career.

Whether that means pursuing a career in graphic designing or selling knitted animals on Etsy, there is so much potential.

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The Host

Hi, I’m Amy! I’ve had an artistic flair for as long as I can remember – if you’re reading this I’m betting you can relate. 

These days I dabble mostly in graphic designing and digital drawing. I can also dance, sew, knit, and have played many instruments over the years. I’m interested in all kinds of art and love discussing it. I get inspired by other artists and their creative mediums. 

I’m a marketer specializing in digital marketing and website optimization. I own Hey Amy Studios and (pre-COVID) travel around the world to explore culture, food, and nature. I have a deep passion for business and entrepreneurship. I could talk about starting a business or new business ideas forever.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!