#9 – Masha Tikhonova // Founder of GrafikaVision & Co-founder of Baby Bibi

Masha Tikhonova grew up in a creative household and moved to Vancouver from Russia. After graduating from Emily Carr University in 2009, the industry was very difficult to get into. Amy talks to Masha about how there were very few jobs available that paid very little after the financial crash. So Masha started her own design studio, GrafikaVision (www.grafikavision.com). She offers services like graphic design, website design and logo design. Masha and a friend started the Baby Bibi brand (www.babybibi.com) right after her baby daughter was born. She named the brand after her! Masha’s daughter was into reading and looking through books very early on and her first baby products became books for babies. Masha designs and illustrates all the products and sells them on Amazon. The first couple of products sold well so she decided to expand the product line and introduce new products. Today she share her time between Baby Bibi and GrafikaVision.


Key Takeaways

  • Take pride in your customer service, as it will affect the perception of your brand and your success.
  • Be bold, be brave, and take chances. You never know what will happen if you try,


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