#18 – Pedro Meyer // Singer-Songwriter

Pedro Meyer is a Singer-Songwriter based in Denver, Colorado. Pedro lived and grew up in Brazil before moving to Canada. Amy talks to Pedro about how he never imagined music as a career opportunity but has such powerful drive and determination that he made it work. Pedro talks about how working at the guitar store turned out to be beneficial for his music career, how he gathers people to record music together, and how he analyzes Spotify data to make informed decisions.


Key Takeaways

  • You never know what that “missing link” will be to complete your puzzle. Meaning that a seemingly unimportant job or person can link you to something that will change your life and career.
  • Ask questions, get curious. If you don’t know why something isn’t working for you but works for other people, find out! Google it, ask them, or use your resources. No one will do that work for you.


Listen to the Episode

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• Listen on Spotify https://spoti.fi/3hbMhT6
• Listen on Stitcher https://bit.ly/2Q5oZT2


Connect with Pedro Meyer
Follow him on Spotify – Pedro Meyer Spotify
Follow him on Instagram – @_thewarriorpoet

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